Wedi Shower Systems

Here's Why:

Complete shower system can be installed and ready for tile in 2-3 hours
Lightweight, easy to handle, cut & install
100% waterproof
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Ten year warranty
Complete kits or fully customizable bases
30+ year, time proven system

The Next Step in Shower Evolution!

wedi® Waterproof Shower Systems offer reliable, cost-efficient solutions for constructing 100% waterproof and mold proof showers. These systems are easy to install and open up a whole new world of design possibilities for showers, wet areas and baths. Wedi Shower Systems blend the traditional values of design, flexibility and robustness while offering the added benefit that comes with state of the art material and manufacturing technologies.

We are a certified distributor of wedi Shower Systems. Contact us or REQUEST A QUOTE for your next shower project today.


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